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Sunday, July 02 2017
Series: Rain
Duration: 36 mins 51 secs
What does surrender mean to you? Do you view it as something that only the weak do? Or perhaps you see it as a way to avoid a fight. Whatever your take on surrender, Pastor Chris shows us that it's the only way we are going to fully realize God's blessing on our lives. The elusive rest and the rock-solid faith that we all need and desire is on the other side of complete surrender to God and His plans for our lives. We hope this message stirs you to a greater and more intimate relationship with God. Let us know about your trials and triumphs: Go to and click on the testimonies page.
Sunday, June 21 2015
Series: Core
Duration: 31 mins 39 secs
I'm sure you're familiar with the saying "The only constant you can count on is that things are going to change". If you've been serving God for any length of time, you know exactly how true that saying is! In this installment of the series "Core", we witness a miraculous change and the birth of the ministry of the Apostle Paul. Do you have a hard time believing that God can use you? That too much in your life needs to change? Listen to this message and be encouraged! It's not too late!
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