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Can I Get A Witness?
Sunday, June 17 2018
Series: Go
Duration: 32 mins 32 secs

A testimony has the power to change present and future events! To many we are witnesses, but to some we are KEY witnesses! Who do you need to share your testimony with this week for the sake of salvation? They may say no to Christ, but what if they say YES?
Sunday, June 03 2018
Series: Go
Duration: 41 mins 45 secs

It seems we're always going somewhere, right? To the mall, or to school or work, or maybe even to the big game. You've probably heard this more than once: "go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature". A good question might be are you going with the gospel to every other place you go, and if not, why? There are tons of excuses why we don't share our faith, and some of them even sound pretty good, but you can bet that even if you're scared to death to talk to people about Jesus, you can count on Him to be right there with you. Don't wait for someone to ask how you "got it all together", because they probably won't. Share the good news today!
Sunday, July 16 2017
Passage: Acts 27:9-44
Duration: 34 mins 32 secs
"I told you so!" How many times have you heard that from your family, friends, and colleagues? How many times have you had the opportunity to say it to those same folks? It seems we often get our mind set on what makes sense; what seems logical or perhaps what even looks like the sure thing, yet we get that one person who believes otherwise. Today's lesson is taken right out of that kind of story. God has given his advice and counsel, but it seems to make more sense to trust what can be seen. Stuff's going to get wrecked! We've all been there, and Pastor Chris shows us how to get back to trusting God, even when it doesn't make sense. Stay tuned for a timely message from an encore of the "Rain" series.
Sunday, November 15 2015
Series: Shine!
Duration: 43 mins 13 secs
So what is a testimony? And if you have one, what do you do with it? It's no secret that darkness, and the evil that accompanies it, is growing like a cancer in our world. And that's why, as we'll learn today from Pastor Chris, it's so important for us to have our testimony at the ready to share the light and truth of Christ in a dark time. This is a very important message filled with hope and practical instruction. Please consider sharing it with your family and friends.
Sunday, September 27 2015
Series: Encore!
Duration: 33 mins 11 secs
It's easy to say the words "Thank You", but in a fast moving, self-centered culture, it's getting even easier not to really mean it! Gratitude is so much more than words; it's a lifestyle that even the world can understand. As Christ followers, gratitude is key to a rich spiritual life that overflows with Christ's love and kindness. Thanks for joining us for this 2nd message in the series "Encore!" and thank you for sharing Destiny with your friends and family. Lives are being changed through this ministry! Do you have a Destiny Testimony? Let us know!
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