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Sunday, July 16 2017
Passage: Acts 27:9-44
Duration: 34 mins 32 secs
"I told you so!" How many times have you heard that from your family, friends, and colleagues? How many times have you had the opportunity to say it to those same folks? It seems we often get our mind set on what makes sense; what seems logical or perhaps what even looks like the sure thing, yet we get that one person who believes otherwise. Today's lesson is taken right out of that kind of story. God has given his advice and counsel, but it seems to make more sense to trust what can be seen. Stuff's going to get wrecked! We've all been there, and Pastor Chris shows us how to get back to trusting God, even when it doesn't make sense. Stay tuned for a timely message from an encore of the "Rain" series.
Saturday, October 11 2014
Series: Kingdom Come
Duration: 39 mins 21 secs
No, it's not Shakespeare's "Hamlet" we're talking about today, rather the beginning of a walk through the Beatitudes. So join us as Pastor Chris continues in the Kingdom Come series and be blessed! Please note that there were technical difficulties during the recording of this message.
Sunday, August 24 2014
Pastor Chris wraps up the fantastic series "Forgotten God" with this powerful lesson on the Gift of discerning of Spirits. What's real and of God and what's not? This message will help to answer those questions as well as offer strategies to help stay focused and connected to God's leading and purpose for our lives.
Saturday, June 28 2014
Duration: 46 mins 35 secs
Is your spiritual walk on the "Up Elevator", or have you slipped down a couple of floors? Join us as guest speaker Eric Carter challenges us to keep moving forward and up in our relationship with Christ and in fellowship with other believers.
Saturday, May 31 2014
Duration: 55 mins 20 secs
Pastor Chris boldly opens and new series that deals with perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood (and mis-taught!) subject in the modern church: The Holy Spirit. We encourage and invite you to join us as we journey into The Word and get a higher and correct perspective on the Person, Purpose and Ministry of The Holy Spirit.
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