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Sunday, June 18 2017
Series: Rain
Duration: 40 mins 38 secs
Seeing is believing, right? I mean, if we're going to get right down to it, there's nothing better or more convincing than seeing something with our own eyes. Or is there? In a world driven by visual media, the idea of believing something before we see it (or as some call Faith!) is almost foreign. In today's message from our series "Rain", Pastor Chris Tomlinson shares an amazing story about a deluge of drought-ending rain that started with a little cloud, no bigger than a man's hand. Join us for a powerful lesson in faith, process, and purpose.
Sunday, January 31 2016
Series: Lift
Duration: 36 mins 47 secs
Do ever you feel like things aren't moving fast enough? Like you're stuck in preparation mode and you're not making any progress? Great news! Preparation is a huge part of the process, and as Pastor Chris begins the new series "Lift", he offers some great life lessons, relevant scripture and Godly wisdom to address these very common questions. God is up to something, so be encouraged and get ready for liftoff!
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