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Sunday, August 27 2017
Duration: 37 mins 20 secs
Last week, Pastor Chris really dug in to some of the consequences of unresolved conflict and started to show us how we can move toward Godly conflict resolution in 7 steps. Today, he concludes both the message and our series, "Relationship Status: It's Complicated". There has been some very solid and practical Biblical wisdom shared over the last few weeks as it pertains to building and maintaining healthy, Godly relationships. We hope that you have been blessed by what you've heard and we hope and pray that your relationships are better for it. Thanks for joining us!
Saturday, July 11 2015
Series: Core
Duration: 39 mins 29 secs
Do you ever find yourself wanting to hear God's voice more clearly? Many of us struggle to hear His voice at all! Well, in this installment of our series "Core", Pastor Chris teaches from Acts 9 and 10 and gives us some insight into Peter's life and how his attentiveness and obedience led to the miraculous. God still speaks and performs miracles today! We just have to pay attention and be obedient when we do hear His call. Thank you for joining us in the rich and empowering series!
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