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Sunday, June 24 2018
Duration: 37 mins 20 secs

We are blessed here at Destiny to have so many talented and anointed teachers in our body, and you will be inspired by today's message from Christian Brown. If you are in Christ, you are of the lineage of pioneers of the faith, but are you still moving forward in that same Spirit? Our Spiritual journey has so much more to do with those around us than we might be inclined to believe, so don't lose hope and don't lose sight of the promise; there's a world of people waiting on the hope you're carrying!
Sunday, July 16 2017
Passage: Acts 27:9-44
Duration: 34 mins 32 secs
"I told you so!" How many times have you heard that from your family, friends, and colleagues? How many times have you had the opportunity to say it to those same folks? It seems we often get our mind set on what makes sense; what seems logical or perhaps what even looks like the sure thing, yet we get that one person who believes otherwise. Today's lesson is taken right out of that kind of story. God has given his advice and counsel, but it seems to make more sense to trust what can be seen. Stuff's going to get wrecked! We've all been there, and Pastor Chris shows us how to get back to trusting God, even when it doesn't make sense. Stay tuned for a timely message from an encore of the "Rain" series.
Saturday, October 24 2015
Duration: 38 mins 40 secs
We are full swing into election season politics, and although this week's message title has some familiar overtones, the hope and change we are learning about comes from The Creator of both! Guest Teacher Christian Brown challenges us to examine the way we respond to the changes that often and unexpectedly show up in our daily lives. There is a hope in the midst of those changes that we can rest in! If you're struggling with some uncomfortable and unexpected detours in your life, this very well may be a turning point for you, so get out your Bible and journal and follow along!
Saturday, February 21 2015
Series: Forward
Duration: 38 mins 21 secs
Thank you so much for joining us today! As we continue to move forward in the series "Forward", Pastor Chris gives us a glimpse of what it looks to be led by The Spirit in our every-day lives. Moses and the children of Israel faithfully followed God in the pillar of cloud by day and fire by night, never knowing when He would stop and for how long. God longs for us to follow Him much the same way, depending on His guidance, provision and purpose for our lives at every turn. Sometimes, it can be a journey filled with the "uns"; unpredictable, uncomfortable and uncertainty, but the amazing adventure that God calls us to is so worth it! Are you ready to move forward?
Saturday, December 20 2014
Duration: 43 mins 1 sec
The Holidays are traditionally a time a great celebration with those closest to us. But this season can also remind us of our most significant losses like family, friends, and even opportunities that have passed away from us. Pastor Chris, in this second installment of "How To Survive The Holidays", shows how God's promises of hope, and ultimately, redemption, are wrapped-up in the greatest gift we could ever receive. Merry Christmas from all of us at Destiny Church of Jacksonville!
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