Messages with tag - Healing

Sunday, July 23 2017
Duration: 40 mins 17 secs
Welcome to the Podcast of Destiny Church of Jacksonville! We are hopeful that these messages encourage, strengthen, and inspire you to a greater knowledge of God and a more complete vision of His plan for you. In a word, we might even be your partner as you grow in your walk with The Lord, and that leads right into this week's special message from Pastor Chris Tomlinson. Partnerships are vital to our growth in The Lord, and sometimes those partnerships don't always materialize like we think they should or look like we might have imagined. We encourage you to take some time and listen to what The Lord might have for you from this message. Like what you are hearing? Invite your friends and family to join us!
Sunday, April 10 2016
Do you ever look at the weakest or what you feel are the worst parts about you and consider them a gift to be shared with the world? More to the point, do you ever see your scars as something to be ashamed of; something to be concealed for fear of what others may think? This week in our new series, "Scars", Pastor Chris reminds us that scars are, among many things, a sign that we can heal. The story behind your pain is the first healing step for someone else, but you have to share that story. You have to let your scars show, and this message can be a real encouragement for you or someone that you know who needs to share their story.
Saturday, July 19 2014
Duration: 45 mins 32 secs
Pastor Chris continues in the series "Forgotten God" with a third message on the Gifts of The Holy Spirit: The Gift of Healing. Our hope is that you gain a greater understanding of the Gifts of The Spirit; that they are for today's church and for the wholeness of the believer. Grab your Bible and follow along!
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