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Sunday, July 23 2017
Duration: 40 mins 17 secs
Welcome to the Podcast of Destiny Church of Jacksonville! We are hopeful that these messages encourage, strengthen, and inspire you to a greater knowledge of God and a more complete vision of His plan for you. In a word, we might even be your partner as you grow in your walk with The Lord, and that leads right into this week's special message from Pastor Chris Tomlinson. Partnerships are vital to our growth in The Lord, and sometimes those partnerships don't always materialize like we think they should or look like we might have imagined. We encourage you to take some time and listen to what The Lord might have for you from this message. Like what you are hearing? Invite your friends and family to join us!
Sunday, November 22 2015
Series: Shine!
Duration: 47 mins 10 secs
Most of us would agree that words have power and it's pretty easy to see the result of that power in our everyday life. But as you'll hear in our last installment of the series "Shine", Pastor Chris demonstrates that there is so much more happening when we speak that we probably don't even realize or recognize. In a culture where rhetoric and the ten-second soundbite have replaced real dialog, it's more important than ever to understand what's really happening when we speak. Has this latest series helped you "shine" in your daily Christian walk? Let us know! Share your thoughts on our Facebook page at
Sunday, July 26 2015
Duration: 54 mins 51 secs
Are you in a holding pattern, waiting for God to move in your life? Maybe waiting for some doors to open (or close!) or opportunities to be revealed? What if God is waiting on you! Guest teacher Ben Chavez brings a bold message of encouragement, conviction and purpose. If you or someone you know is at a place of indecision or just plain confusion about where God is in your situation, this is your message. Be prepared to be blessed and inspired!
Saturday, May 24 2014
Duration: 39 mins 47 secs
You are in for a real treat! Pastor and Author Aaron Maners, takes on the often overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing subject of worry. Using the story of a miraculous healing from the book of Mark, and material from his new book "Weeds of the mind", Aaron delivers an inspiring and engaging message.
Saturday, May 03 2014
Series: Overcome!
Duration: 29 mins 52 secs
Opposition to the Gospel, and those who work to share it, is not just a possibility, it's a given. In the conclusion of the message "Overcome the Giants in Your Life", Pastor Chris shares some very practical and timely wisdom for dealing with our enemy and his tactics. We hope you are encouraged to stay in the fight. It's gonna be worth it all!
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