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Saturday, January 18 2014
Series: Base Camp
Duration: 42 mins 36 secs
In this fourth installment of the Base Camp series, Pastor Chris shows us how worship can get our focus off of our circumstances and on to The One who has overcome every circumstance!
Saturday, January 11 2014
Series: Base Camp
Duration: 42 mins 10 secs
Base Camp is all about making preparations for the hard climb, and in this third message of the series, Pastor Chris demonstrates the importance of preparing for every situation with consistent and persistent prayer.
Saturday, January 04 2014
Series: Base Camp
Duration: 48 mins 39 secs
Pastor Chris continues in the series Base Camp with a timely and practical teaching showing us how to say no to some good things so we can say yes to the best things.
Saturday, December 28 2013
Series: Base Camp
Duration: 47 mins 40 secs
In this first message of the series "Base Camp", Pastor Chris uses some entertaining illustrations to demonstrate the importance of not "running on empty" in our spiritual walk.
Saturday, December 14 2013
Duration: 41 mins 2 secs
In this final installment of the series When God Speaks, Pastor Chris uses scripture to demonstrate that when we are obedient to the Voice of God, blessings follow not only us, but those around us.
Saturday, December 07 2013
Duration: 32 mins 47 secs
In part 3 of the series, When God Speaks, Pastor Chris Tomlinson show us the importance of posturing ourselves in such a way that we can be open and receptive to God as He speaks to us.
Saturday, November 30 2013
Duration: 39 mins 37 secs
In this second installment, Pastor Chris explores in detail some of the ways that God speaks to us. Grab your Bible and your journal and follow along for this very timely message.
Saturday, November 23 2013
Duration: 31 mins 54 secs
This week, Pastor Chris starts an exciting new series on how to hear and discern the voice of God. You don't want to miss this series!
Saturday, November 16 2013
Duration: 49 mins 36 secs
Guest speaker J.D. Small gives us some great insights into our identity as sons and daughters of God and how it affects the way we pray.
Saturday, November 09 2013
Duration: 41 mins 49 secs
The fourth and final installment of the series Change Your World. Pastor Chris lays out some practical steps from scripture to help us change our world for the cause of Christ.
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