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Sunday, May 19 2019
Duration: 48 mins 2 secs
Do you find yourself being stuck in a never ending loop of trying to figure out just what it is you are here for? Are you envious of those who seem to have it all; passion for their purpose in life and seemingly not worried about how the bills are going to get paid? Our guest teacher today, J.D. Small, addresses these timely questions with solid biblical counsel. Are you ready to experience all that God has for you?
Sunday, May 12 2019
Duration: 31 mins 25 secs
In His image, in His image, in His image. You were made in His image and on purpose, as were the men and women around you. What will you do with that knowledge this week?
Sunday, May 05 2019
Duration: 49 mins 52 secs
The church is God’s instrument to expand the Kingdom of God and though big ministries within our own body are great, the Kingdom of God is not about building ministries. The Kingdom of God is about the reign of the King and the greatest threat to that is Christians who have lost sight of the mission.
Sunday, April 28 2019
Series: Seven
Duration: 45 mins 20 secs
Let us not change the Word of God, but let the Word of God change us! Fruit is a byproduct of a healthy root. Is the fruit in your life a reflection of that?
Sunday, April 21 2019
Passage: John 14:6 & Mark 8:31
Series: Seven
Duration: 29 mins 51 secs
Throughout His life here on earth, Jesus made many statements that qualify Him as liar, lunatic, or Lord. Because He did in fact rise from the dead, we can believe that the things He claimed to be true, were so. It is up to us to decide if we’re going to live like we believe it! What will you decide to do about it this week?
Monday, April 15 2019
Series: Seven
Duration: 43 mins 36 secs
The sufferings of this life are not without purpose, and through Jesus we are called to love through it. Our God has always completed all that He’s started and His nature hasn’t changed. How can you fix your eyes on the love of Christ this week?
Sunday, April 07 2019
Series: Seven
Duration: 45 mins 22 secs
We sing together and read the scriptures on Sunday mornings, but that doesn’t need to be the only time we do those things. John started worshipping before Jesus showed up, which helped to bolster his faith to keep pursuing God. Worship is an act of faith. Will you choose worship through the difficulties of life this week?
Sunday, March 31 2019
Series: Seven
Duration: 32 mins 51 secs

God can and will meet you right where you are. If you’re waiting for someone perfect to come along and speak into your life, you’re going to be waiting forever. Naaman almost missed the move of God because God moved in a way that was different than what he expected. Don’t miss Him because your focus is off.
Sunday, March 24 2019
Duration: 50 mins 29 secs
Don’t assume that you can spend a few minutes with people you barely know one time and see the power of Pentecost. Start doing life together! How will you live in the fullness of the power of God this week?
Sunday, March 17 2019
Series: Seven
Duration: 39 mins 43 secs
As we make our way toward completion of the callings of God on our lives, we have to consider that we’re probably farther along than we think we are. Take heart! The Lord is clear in His calling to face our Jerichos, and He won’t call us to something He doesn’t intend on leading us all the way through.
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