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Sunday, July 14 2019
Duration: 46 mins 12 secs
The New Testament compares the Christian life to running a race to the finish line and as a runner, you have to remove as many obstacles and hindrances as possible to help ensure that you can make it to the end. Christian Brown, our guest teacher, shows us what it takes to be successfully run the race. Are you ready to drop the burdens and run faster than you ever have before?
Sunday, June 09 2019
Duration: 44 mins 59 secs
In the Kingdom, there is no such thing as coincidence, so it's definitely no coincidence that 3 of the last four messages delivered at Destiny Church of Jacksonville have to do with service. Think about that for a minute. 3 pastors from across the country bringing a similar challenge not only to the members of Destiny, but to everyone who subscribes to or frequents this podcast or YouTube channel. Can you even imagine what breakthrough or life-changing event is on the other side of your humble service to those around you? Do you feel God calling you up and out into service to your community? If so, we'd love to hear from you. On our website, go to the testimonies link and let us know what God is up to in your life!
Sunday, May 19 2019
Duration: 48 mins 2 secs
Do you find yourself being stuck in a never ending loop of trying to figure out just what it is you are here for? Are you envious of those who seem to have it all; passion for their purpose in life and seemingly not worried about how the bills are going to get paid? Our guest teacher today, J.D. Small, addresses these timely questions with solid biblical counsel. Are you ready to experience all that God has for you?
Sunday, May 05 2019
Duration: 49 mins 52 secs
The church is God’s instrument to expand the Kingdom of God and though big ministries within our own body are great, the Kingdom of God is not about building ministries. The Kingdom of God is about the reign of the King and the greatest threat to that is Christians who have lost sight of the mission.
Sunday, March 24 2019
Duration: 50 mins 29 secs
Don’t assume that you can spend a few minutes with people you barely know one time and see the power of Pentecost. Start doing life together! How will you live in the fullness of the power of God this week?
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