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Tuesday, July 17 2018
Duration: 55 mins 27 secs

Today, most students are being encouraged to attend and graduate from college in order to get the dream job and the life that is envy of others. Not surprisingly, student debt is at an all-time high, while barely half of registered students make it past the first couple of years of college. Our guest teacher, Elton Brooke, has a lot to say about how we plan and invest our time and our resources when it comes to choosing what we want to do in life, and he offers this bit of wisdom to consider: Rather than finding our occupations, it's time to find our callings. You were made in the image of God and when you live according to His purposes, you honor humanity. How will you choose to live this week? Standing still or moving forward with Christ?
Sunday, October 30 2016
Duration: 41 mins 5 secs
Who do you that Jesus is? Destiny Church Elder and guest teacher Elton Brooke challenges us to look deep into our answer to that question. Why do you do the things you do or say the things you say? Is Jesus the motivation behind what you do and say? He can and wants to be that and so much more for you! This is an encouraging and thoughtful message that will help you to have the right answer to life's most important questions.
Sunday, June 14 2015
Duration: 46 mins 31 secs
What is truth? Although this is probably one of the most important questions a person could ask, an even better question would be Who is Truth? Destiny Elder and guest teacher Elton Brooke takes us on a journey to discover that Jesus is exactly who He said He is...The Way, The Truth and the Life. Thank you so much for joining us today!
Sunday, September 14 2014
We are under the influence of words everyday, but have you stopped to consider the power that words really have? Guest Teacher and Church Elder Elton Brooke shares a timely and relevant Word on the power of words! Thanks for taking the time to listen and for joining us this week!
Saturday, October 12 2013
Passage: Romans 7-8
Duration: 47 mins 40 secs
Guest Speaker Elton Brooke explores the struggle between flesh and Spirit through the filter of Romans chapters 7 and 8.
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