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Sunday, July 13 2014
Duration: 49 mins 8 secs
The "Forgotten God" series continues with part-2 of "The Gifts of The Holy Spirit". In this message, Pastor Chris shows us, through many scriptures, the importance of the gift of Faith in the spiritual life of the believer. Thank you for joining us in this series! If you live in the Jacksonville area or are just visiting, we invite you to worship with us!
Saturday, July 05 2014
Duration: 44 mins 29 secs
Continuing in our series "Forgotten God", Pastor Chris turns our attention to the Gifts of The Holy Spirit and the compelling scriptures that encourage to understand that these gifts are alive and necessary for the 21st Century Church. Grab your Bible and a notebook and follow along!
Saturday, June 28 2014
Duration: 46 mins 35 secs
Is your spiritual walk on the "Up Elevator", or have you slipped down a couple of floors? Join us as guest speaker Eric Carter challenges us to keep moving forward and up in our relationship with Christ and in fellowship with other believers.
Saturday, June 21 2014
Duration: 34 mins 26 secs
Pastor Chris continues the series "Forgotten God" with part 2 of the message, "Being sensitive to The Holy Spirit". Thank you so much for joining the Destiny Family on this journey. We hope that you are encouraged, informed, and blessed by these messages. We would love to hear from you! Just click the "Contact Us" link on the webpage. If you live or are visiting in the Jacksonville area, we would love to see you here!
Saturday, June 14 2014
Duration: 31 mins 46 secs
In this 3rd installment of the series "Forgotten God", Pastor Chris demonstrates how obedience to God's Word provides us with the power to be sensitive to the leading of The Holy Spirit in our lives. This is the first of a powerful 2-part message.
Saturday, June 07 2014
Passage: Acts 2:1-11
Duration: 45 mins 45 secs
In this 2nd installment of the series "Forgotten God", Pastor Chris shows how Christ fulfilled the Jewish Spring feasts, culminating in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Have your Bible and journal ready because this is an exciting and encouraging message, full of history and fulfilled prophecy.
Saturday, May 31 2014
Duration: 55 mins 20 secs
Pastor Chris boldly opens and new series that deals with perhaps the most controversial and misunderstood (and mis-taught!) subject in the modern church: The Holy Spirit. We encourage and invite you to join us as we journey into The Word and get a higher and correct perspective on the Person, Purpose and Ministry of The Holy Spirit.
Saturday, May 24 2014
Duration: 39 mins 47 secs
You are in for a real treat! Pastor and Author Aaron Maners, takes on the often overwhelming and sometimes paralyzing subject of worry. Using the story of a miraculous healing from the book of Mark, and material from his new book "Weeds of the mind", Aaron delivers an inspiring and engaging message.
Saturday, May 17 2014
Series: Overcome!
Duration: 33 mins 54 secs
In this final message in the series "Overcome!", Pastor Chris takes us through some hard territory and answers the question: How can I trust God when things just don't make sense. Join the Destiny family and Pastor Chris as we dig into this tough subject and find some life-changing answers.
Saturday, May 10 2014
Series: Overcome!
Duration: 34 mins 53 secs
Pastor Chris highlights examples from 2 Old Testament Heroes and gives us some practical steps to follow to victory over those persistent, personal giants. in this 3rd installment of the series, "Overcome". The title of the message says it all! You'll want to have your notebook or journal handy.
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