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Sunday, October 08 2017
Duration: 28 mins 14 secs
Living in Northeast Florida, it's a fairly common occurrence; the dreaded storm warning. Sometimes it's Nor'easter sweeping in with buckets of rain and a steady wind. Sometimes it's a hurricane that brings with it destruction and loss. Either way it's safe to say that we're never far from the next warning, and that's exactly where our own Pastor Jodi Tomlinson speaks from in today's challenging but encouraging message. Thank you so much for joining us today! If you have been encouraged by today's message or any of our past messages, please let us know. Follow us on Facebook
Sunday, August 21 2016
Waiting. It seems that our modern life is full of opportunities to wait! Waiting for the perfect job, or the perfect mate. Waiting for our food at a busy restaurant. Waiting for the results of the biopsy or the verdict of the trial. But how do you wait for God? Maybe even more to the point, are you waiting well? This question, posed by our guest teacher and Pastor Jodi Tomlinson, could be one of the most important questions you'll ever be asked. God's Word is full of promises for those who choose to believe and follow; for those who have chosen to wait well. So what are you waiting for?
Saturday, January 23 2016
Duration: 28 mins 11 secs
Child Dedication

In today's fast-paced world of work, school, leisure (yes even that moves pretty quick!), and church, do you ever stop to think about how much time you give to God and to the things of God in your home? In this final installment of the series "Recalibrate", Jodi Tomlinson shares the struggles and successes of raising Godly children in a post-modern culture. This is a very practical and informative message with some great principles for anyone who has influence over children, or are considering starting a family. Share this with your friends and family!

Sunday, October 18 2015
Duration: 53 mins 37 secs
I'm sure you're familiar with the idea that you reap what you sow. It's a universal as well as a spiritual truth, and as you'll hear from our guest teacher, Pastor Jodi Tomlinson, sowing is vital to many facets of victorious Kingdom living. This is a timely message that will challenge you on many levels, so you might want to have a Bible and journal handy.
Sunday, September 28 2014
No this is not a sermon about the world's most famous mouse, but it is about a Kingdom full of wonder, love and hope. You're in for a real treat as Jodi Tomlinson shares how great heroes are made and how we can live happily ever after. Listen with a friend and be ready to be inspired!
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