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Wednesday, February 27 2019
Passage: Mark 6:30-44
Duration: 36 mins 18 secs
The miracle happens when you give it away. God wants to bless your brokenness and multiply you. What will you decide to be this week; a consumer or a disciple?
Sunday, May 27 2018
Duration: 44 mins 41 secs
We are continuing on this week with our series "Man in the Mirror", but are shifting gears a bit to look at a story from the life of Paul. Of course, shifting gears also means that one of our favorite guest teachers, Miles Phelps, took time out from his work with City for the Nations to bring a special word to us today. We believe that God is stirring the Church; that a fresh outpouring of His Spirit is awaiting those who will answer the Call of God, and today's message may just help you to hear that call a little clearer. You can't help but be blessed, challenged, and encouraged to shake off the things that are holding you back from the life God has for you.
Sunday, March 13 2016
Passage: John 4:3-42
Duration: 41 mins 38 secs
Either in the mirror or in the lives around you, you see it every day; the pursuit of fulfillment. We speed off in our cars toward it, rush from store to store in search of it, move from relationship to relationship hoping to find it. But the story of the Samaritan woman and Jesus at the well shows us how God longs for us to look to Him for that ultimate fulfillment, and today, missionaries and guest teachers Miles and Melanie Phelps, give us some real-life examples of lives being transformed by God's Love and the Message of hope that The Gospel brings. So get ready to challenged and encouraged!
Sunday, August 17 2014
Guest Teacher Miles Phelps shares his gift with Destiny Church of Jacksonville and brings us a timely and powerful message from The Lord. You will be challenged and blessed!
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