Off into the Sunset

Almost a year ago, we rode off into the sunset in our beat up car in pursuit of a dream. The wall in front of us seemed unscalable. The view beyond our fears was blurred with tears and unknowns. We cried. We wrestled with God and then we cried some more. Our doubts shouted loud as our three kids on that three day drive.

On the Sunday of the first Destiny service, Chris and I were both sick to our stomachs. Presenting Destiny Church to Jacksonville was like sending a child off to school for the first time. The emotion was overwhelming. The insecurity of being preacher, worship leader, children’s pastor, and all else was hard to ignore. If someone didn’t like Destiny, we knew they didn’t like us. We desperately missed the comfort of home...the ease of being known.

That first sun set many nights ago and now we call the sunshine state home. The palm tree in the front yard reminds us when we start to forget. I've found that I like wearing flip flops in December. I don’t mind a little sand in my car and I still smile when I cross the river. I love this city. I love our people. I even didn’t mind that a lizard ran out from under the Christmas tree as we opened our gifts the other day. We didn't bother trying to catch him. We've come to find it’s a futile pursuit.

Many things on this journey have been easier than we expected, but we were severely unprepared for a few. The transition was difficult but God’s grace was and still is more than enough. Our life is fuller than ever but the yoke is easy and the burden is light in the shadow of His call. More than ever we can see that God has us hemmed in behind and before. We can see the loops He’s knit to connect our past to our future and all the while holding us together in the present. He has been so faithful to the work He began in us. We are spoiled by His goodness. We are overwhelmed by His love. We consider this call a gift...and we even like ours with lizards on top.


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