Happy Birthday Destiny

This week we celebrate the one year anniversary of Destiny’s first service. This has been an amazing journey. Through it, I’ve realized in a whole new way something that I have taught teenagers for the last 15 years. We can’t live for the “I’ll be happy when…” It is the human condition to want more, to long for something bigger. Those desires were meant to point us to the answer that is always Jesus, but our wandering hearts seek to fill the regions that echo of emptiness deep inside of us with things that seem easier to find.

I’ve lived long enough to see many people reach the goals that they’ve so longed to. I’ve even reached many of my own. I’ve learned what many others have: moments like those are fleeting. They come only to pass. They are like the wind. They come and they go at the mercy of the laws of nature and the acts of One greater. To spend our lives in pursuit of a goal is like chasing the wind. Solomon told us as much in the Old Testament. He was a man that knew all about obtaining everything he ever wanted. He too counted it a futile pursuit. Birthing Destiny Church has been one of those chases for us. It was always a dream in our hearts. It was always a hope in the future. God did more than we could have ever asked or imagined in its realization, but when the moment is obtained and the dream is realized, what then? For me, it has been a fresh understanding of the Kingdom of God and new pursuit altogether.

God has enlarged my idea of pursuit by actually making it more narrow. Instead of setting my sights on the BIG MOMENTS in life, He’s caused me to see the everyday little ones in a new light. God’s teaching me to live for the holiest of moments, the sacred ground in between the big goals of life. The places of living and searching for God in what may at first appear mundane. When God shows up in our daily routine ablaze in the scenery, we have to stop and listen. We have to be there to stammer as Moses did, “Here I am” in order to hear God say, “I AM.”

Instead of trying to be famous in a world that is fickle and indecisive, I want to be famous to the ones that matter the most to me. I want to realize that bedtime with my children is a holy moment. I want to be awed by the fact that my home is holy ground. Worship practice is a bush on fire just as sure as our corporate time together. Dinners with friends are divine appointments and preparation for church is an opportunity to serve in the court of a King. I want to see me and my pursuits less in my vision and people through God’s eyes of love and purpose more.

God has also enlarged my understanding of the Kingdom. I once wondered how I’d be able to release the dream of Destiny to the scoffers of the world or those that might mistreat it. Yet, God has taken that which came from us and made it its own entity. It is no longer just our dream. It has amazingly become the dream of many. The team that we sought for so many years to create, formed and unified on the holy ground of Jacksonville. We no longer have to carry this cross alone. We now have a team, the one fashioned by God.

I want to thank those that helped send us here, those that prayed for us, and those that call Destiny their church. It has been all the little moments, those that often go uncelebrated and unappreciated that have brought us to this one. It was the corporate “not growing weary in doing good” that gave life to the dream. It was the things created in prayer that formed our unity. The Kingdom is much bigger than we give it credit, and it is also much smaller. We like to notice it when something “big” happens, but I am convinced it has more to do with the little moments. It’s how we live in between the “due seasons” that matters most. We don’t have to sweat the big stuff. If we focus on the little things, God will take care of the rest. We are not done dreaming; corporately or individually. Years ago, that would have looked different for us than it does now. It is no longer polished packages that we seek, although those are nice. Now, our dreaming is more securely fixed on the hope of Jesus and not the hope of a met goal. It happens by living in the holy moment of now…taking one day at a time…doing the next thing as if it were the holiest.

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