Last year, before we moved to Florida, I wrote about following the cloud of God’s presence. We waited on Him for His timing all through our move. Chris spoke a couple of Sundays ago about following the cloud to a new building. Here we are…still following the cloud. All of life really is all about going where He leads…waiting on His presence to supply all we need. May we never tire of waiting on Him. May we never anxiously or selfishly move ahead of Him. This is what sets His people apart. This is what makes and keeps us His. May we never return to our bondage because we stop doing the things we once did. Our deepest desire in the plant of Destiny Church is that we not only start well but that we also continue and finish well.

God has a great plan for each of us to follow. I find it most often feels like dirty dishes, laundry, cleaning, and a whole list of other things that don't seem the least bit exciting. Planting a church has been no different. Following the cloud is not typically glamorous. He’s reminding me that we are anointed to do the mundane and the exceptional. It’s all important to Him. Usually, there’s a lot more ordinary than glamour in life. Too often, because what we do doesn't give us goose bumps we miss the holy ground we stand on. We strive to impress rather than bless and then we can’t see the fire clear enough through our rose colored glasses to take off our shoes and soak up His presence. I am guilty.

Today, I am so aware of who I would be without my precious Savior. I am mindful of my weaknesses and the gaps in my character. Without Him I have nothing to say to warrant listening. He is the rhythm that leads me. He tunes my ears to hear. He trains my eyes to see. He prompts my starting. He closes doors to stop me. He is my guide. I have prayed for His anointing for more years than I can remember. I forget that His anointing is also here to change those diapers, to keep my mouth in check, to react in love, and to just be who He created me to be.

My beginnings were humble. They are humble still. May they always be. May I not grow arrogant in His strength in me or too insecure in my failings to try again. May I not miss the cloud over me because I’m so consumed with the work in front of me.  All things were created by Him, through Him, because of Him…for Him. May I never strive to impress. We have way too many people living their lives to do just that. May I live to bless. You, sweet Lord, have blessed me beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am no longer who I used to be and it is because of You. I owe You my life. I am money in Your hand. Spend me how You wish. Help me to rejoice in the spending even when it isn’t how I’d choose. May I always be a follower of the cloud. In Your presence is where I belong.



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